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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal treatments are safe and effective

Before any laser treatment it is important to get yourself booked in for a consultation. During your consultation one of our Diamond Laser Technicians will run through your medical history to make sure it is 100% safe to complete your laser treatment. All our Laser Technicians are trained at NZ Laser 

Diamond has a Q Switch NG Yag Laser. Lasers is the most common method of tattoo removal performed today. Tattoos consist of thousands of particles of tattoo ink suspended in the skin. The normal human immune system typically removes small foreign particles from the skin. Tattoo ink particles are too big to be removed by this system and are thus considered permanent. The use of lasers helps to break up these particles into smaller pieces that can be removed by the immune system.

Laser treatments work by targeting the ink particles in the skin with highly concentrated light waves that heat up the ink particles and cause them to fragment into smaller particles that are able to be cleared away by the body's immune system.

Complete removal of a tattoo is usually not accomplished in one laser treatment session. Laser tattoo removal typically requires more than one treatment to reduce the size of the ink particles and make it easier for them to be dispersed by the immune system.

Depending on the tattoo design, size and color, it may take 1-10 laser sessions to remove the ink. Some colors of ink are harder to remove than others and may not be able to be completely removed. There should be a six-week time period between each laser session to allow the wounds to heal and the body to absorb as much of the ink as is possible.

Laser tattoo removal is somewhat painful. Many clients describe it as like having a heavy rubber band snapped against the skin repeatedly. Most of the time laser tattoo removal is tolerated very well.

Due to the variations between tattoo applications, ink components results can sometimes be unpredictable – the clinic will work with you to get the best possible result.  

At Diamond Laser our lasers also treat all skin types gently and effectively.Tattoo removal with a laser can be quite uncomfortable. 

Tattoo removal with lasers can take several sessions. The treatment is usually spaced 4-8 weeks apart. Results are seen within the first three or four treatments.You can pay as you go, or finance a package. We are here to help you.

We’re always striving to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible. That’s why we’ve invested in this piece of equipment, the Cyro-Jet cooling machine. It’s designed to reduce pain and thermal damage that may occur during or after laser treatments

Some before pictures will be taken of your tattoo. We will complete a couple of test spots using the laser to make sure you respond well to the treatment. Most people have no issues and then go on and book their first laser appointment a week later.




Prices vary depending on size of tattoo, this will be determined at time of consultation and by the Technician you will be given a Quote at your consultation.

Treatment Price
Tattoo Removal Consultation Free Book Online
Small Tattoo Removal $ 85.00 Book Online
Medium Tattoo Removal $ 160.00 Book Online
Large Tattoo Removal $ 260.00 Book Online
Extra Large Tattoo Removal $ 360.00 Book Online
Brow Tattoo Removal $ 150.00 Book Online