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Laser Hair Removal

At Diamond Laser you’ll receive the highest quality, most effective and safest laser hair removal available today – GUARANTEED

Diamond Laser therapists are fully trained, certified and competent - with over 12 years of laser experience.

Effective and safe permanent laser hair removal requires the very latest laser technology combined with properly trained and experienced technicians. Diamond Laser Medispa's therapists have all been trained at NZLaser training. 

Diamond Laser has the latest technology in medical grade TRUE Laser Hair removal; used for the purpose of improving appearance. Our point of difference is our Cryo-Jet cooling machine which ensures your treatment is as comfortable as possible. Cool air is directed onto your skin and numbs the area before and after treatment; it is a natural pain-relief and reduces thermal damage.

Phone or contact us now to schedule your free no-obligation assessment and consultation.

A free 30 minute consultation is extremely important as there are many factors to be taken into account when treating with a Diode Laser.

Note; all prices are subject to confirmation at your consultation and may vary dependent on the size of the area to be treated. Payment plans are available starting from $10 per week.

Read our blog on how laser hair removal works and learn the differences between IPL and true lasers – and why we use them! Don’t forget to enquire about our Diamond Laser Guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the treatment safe?


Lasers have been safely used in medical treatments since 1961. This type of laser has been in continual use since 1966. The process has undergone extensive testing in the UK, Denmark and Norway and there are not reported long term side effects. The light used is not of UV wavelength and does not harm your cells.

How many treatments will it take?

You can be expected to lose up to 50% of your treatable hair after the first two treatments. We will then decide how many further treatments you require to achieve your desired results. Most clients have 4-8 treatment sessions.

How does the laser work?

Lasers use the pigment of the hair to attract light energy to burn the cells responsible for growth of new hair in the hair follicle. Treatment is best when the pigment is at its darkest during the hair growing phase.

A beam of laser light will destroy many hairs in that area in one flash. Many published research papers demonstrate the excellent permanent reduction in hair growth achieved.

This method is now very popular and fast becoming the preferred way to treat unwanted facial and body hair. We are also seeing many more men now having laser treatments looking for smooth-skinned chests and backs.



Laser Hair Removal for women
Treatment Price
Consultation20-30 minutes Free Book Online
Upper Lip $ 45.00 Book Online
Chin $ 55.00 Book Online
Lip and Chin $ 75.00 Book Online
Facesides $ 75.00 Book Online
FaceFull $ 150.00 Book Online
Nipples $ 70.00 Book Online
Snail TrailThin line of hair from belly button down $ 60.00 Book Online
Bikini $ 100.00 Book Online
Diamond Extended Bikini $ 125.00 Book Online
Brazilian $ 150.00 Book Online
Under Arms $ 90.00 Book Online
1/2 Arms $ 125.00 Book Online
Full Arms $ 200.00 Book Online
1/2 Legs $ 245.00 Book Online
Thighs $ 275.00 Book Online
Full Legs $ 450.00 Book Online
Spot Treatment $ 60.00 Book Online
ShaveIf treatment area not shaved $ 20.00 Book Online
Laser Hair Removal for Men
Treatment Price
Consultation20-30 minutes Free Book Online
Back of Neck $ 75.00 Book Online
Full Back $ 250.00 Book Online
Full Front $ 250.00 Book Online
Full Back & Shoulders $ 295.00 Book Online
Full Front & Shoulders $ 295.00 Book Online
Shoulders Only $ 45.00 Book Online
Chest Only $ 125.00 Book Online
Stomach Only $ 125.00 Book Online
Upper Back Only $ 125.00 Book Online
Lower Back Only $ 125.00 Book Online
Speedo $ 100.00 Book Online
Brazilian Front $ 250.00 Book Online
Brazilian Back $ 75.00 Book Online
Buttocks $ 120.00 Book Online
Full Legs $ 450.00 Book Online
Full Arms $ 200.00 Book Online
Spot Treatment $ 60.00 Book Online
ShaveIf treatment area not shaved $ 20.00 Book Online