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Bare Essentials

Bare Essentials

Diamond laser medispa, laser hair removal packages and payment plans Bare essentials consists of Brazilian and underarm laser hair removal treatments


This package costs $1920 or with our payment plan you can pay it over 32 weeks at $60.62 per week.

Our Bare essentials laser hair removal package consists of x8 Brazilian treatments and x8 underarm treatments
By purchasing this package, you will also receive x2 O'cosmedics facials and an Observ skin consultation valued at $303.00 free of charge.


Laser machines produce a single wavelength of light (pure light consisting of one single colour and form), which has a very concentrated beam and specific target (the melanin in the hair follicle).

Diode laser hair removal system is accomplished when destroying the hair follicle unit by the thermal damage of laser fluence and thus inhibiting future hair regrowth by the follicle. The widely optional pulse duration of our diode laser system can produce thermal damage in hair matrix stem cells and ensure follicular destruction.

Therefore, the diode laser is more effective for laser hair removal in patients even with darker skin.
Due to the hairs growth cycle, we recommend your treatments to be 4 weekly, during this time no waxing is to be done, however you can shave.
Please see the diagram below which explains how laser hair removal works in destroying the hair follicle.












Cost and timeframe

This package costs $1920 or with our payment plan you can pay it over 32 weeks at $60.62 per week. 
There is a $15.00 one off set up fee for a payment plan.
We also have the option of offering our clients Q card payment which you will receive 3 months no repayments and interest free.
We recommend x8 treatments over a period of 8 months, giving yourself 4 weeks in between each treatment for best results.
By purchasing this package, you become a Diamond VIP club member and receive 1920 goody card points.

Terms and conditions apply please view the full list here

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