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Feather Touch Brow Art

Brow Feather Microblading

Feather touch brows / feather touch brow reconstruction

If you’re here for Feather Touch its safe to say you’ve seen photos of our work. Its textured, natural & can breathe life back into abused brows.  Also known as Hair Stroke brows, Microblading & Brow Embroidery this treatment uses a tiny row of needles to scratch carefully crafted lines into the skin to mimic natural hair growth. Less is more, Feather Touch must be layered in a series of sessions, in your first session we will plan & lay the foundation for your new brows.

At Diamond we pride ourselves in achieving the most natural looking results possible in Feather Touch Brow tattoo art. Our owner Olivia has tried and tested many different styles and has developed our own specific technique which is highly sought after in the industry. We use the highest quality tools and pigments in the world and tailor each brow to complement the clients face, achieve symmetry and fullness without looking harsh or “tattooed”.

Before commencing the procedure, Olivia who has a Diploma in Brow Art with Deluxe Brows will go through a consult with the client to find out exactly what they would like to achieve with their brows. Olivia will then do measurements on the clients face in order to confirm exactly where the brows should start, finish and where the arches should sit for the clients face shape. Olivia will then hand draw the shape, keeping in mind what the client wants to achieve and what the technician feels will suit the clients features. Only when the client is 100% happy with the shape is when the Feather Touch procedure will commence.

We have a beautiful range of pigments which we custom blend to suit each individual complexion. Following the natural growth of the hair, we use a hand tool and a micro blade to etch tiny hair like strokes into the skin with hypo-allergenic pigment which generally lasts up to two years. (results will vary depending on sun exposure and resistance to pigment). All of our needles are sterile and individually packaged for one time use.

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Note this treatment can not be done during Pregnancy and breast feeding 

Is it painful?

A topical anaesthetic is applied before and throughout the procedure as our client’s comfort is of utmost importance. 60 minutes

How long does the appointment take?

The appointment takes around 90 minutes. It takes two appointments for Feather Touch Brows to be complete. A retouch approx. 4 – 6 weeks after the initial appointment is necessary to make minor adjustments to the brows. In most cases there will be areas in the brows that haven’t taken to the pigment as well which is what we address at the follow up appointment. The areas that need addressing are very minor in most cases and it is a short appointment. In some cases, it only takes one appointment for brows to be complete.


Proper aftercare is a very important aspect of the long term success, effectiveness, health, and overall satisfaction with your new cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. It is very important to follow the instructions given in order to achieve the best possible results from your permanent makeup procedure. Included here is the aftercare instructions that will help limit any infection or problems, and assure healthy and successful healing as quickly as possible.

Aftercare Immediately After Your Procedure

Immediately after your cosmetic eyebrow tattoo procedure, you will feel slight tingling and tenderness, and probably a bit of swelling in the tattoo area. This is because the numbing cream/anaesthetic used on your brows before applying the tattoo, will start to wear off and the newly exposed wound will begin the process of healing immediately.

It is likely that you will experience some skin sensitivity, redness and swelling for about 1-2 days. DO NOT WET OR USE ANY OTHER PRODUCTS ON THE TATTOO AREA FOR 5 DAYS. NO soaps, cleaners, makeup or creams. Make sure you give the eyebrows approximately 2 weeks to heal and set, and limit any physical activity (like swimming or saunas) or exposure to direct sunlight that might cause premature fading. All tattoos carry the inherent risk of infection and/or allergic reaction, if pain or tenderness persists for longer than a few days, consult your doctor immediately.

Swelling and/or Bruising

Swelling, redness, skin sensitivity and some minor bruising are normal side effects to the eyebrow tattoo procedure but they shouldn’t last longer than a day or 2. How easily a person swells and bruises depends on factors such as their age, skin type, and circulation.


Please note: The ink from a fresh tattoo will most likely appear slightly dark and much thicker than expected, while others might seem bright (eg. blondes and browns), so don’t be alarmed. This is normal and usually after a week or so the top layer starts to scab and slough off in certain places. This process is called shedding. Comparatively, these sections may appear extremely light next to the non-shredded segments. This pigment will eventually soften and settle into the appropriate shade when shedding is complete. In total, it should take about 2 weeks for your new eyebrow tattoos to shed completely and appear natural.

Aftercare During The First Two Week Healing Period

The days following the procedure as your skin heals, it may feel itchy. This is a normal part of the process and a good sign the cosmetic tattoo is healing properly. Be careful you do not rub, scratch or pick at the shedding skin or exfoliate. You can cause trauma to the tissue and actually increase the possibility of skin damage, infection or prematurely removing the ink.

Average Healing Time and Process

Average healing time will vary from person to person and will depend on several physiological factors such as age, skin type, circulation and hormonal cycles. Generally, as with any type of skin trauma, older looser skin tends to take a bit longer than younger skin to heal. Other factors that may affect healing time include diet, excessive physical activity, exposure to direct sunlight, and any medications you might be taking.

Touch Up Procedure

Approximately 2 weeks, your eyebrows will have mostly healed during the “shedding” or “scabbing” process. As a result, the initial intensity and thickness will fade, and the desired colour shade will start appearing. At about the 3-4 week mark, you should have a scheduled “touch up” procedure especially if you would like to make any changes to the shape of your brow, or fill in any areas needing modifications after some areas would have faded in the shedding process. During the “touch up” the original procedure will be repeated. This repetition helps the tattoo last longer and encourages the ink to embed more permanently into the skin.

Lastly, your 3rd follow up appointment should be scheduled between 3-4 week marks, but not everyone will need a third touch up. Depending on how well you follow these aftercare recommendations and how fast the semi-permanent ink fades, you shouldn’t have to make another appointment (touch up / colour refresher) for up to 1-3 years.

The Life and Longevity of Your Tattoo Brows

Depends on sun exposure, swimming in chlorinated water as it does effect the tattoo ink so avoid excessive exposure. Also be mindful of these ingredients in your daily facial products
(they have a bleaching effect); Glycol Acid, Retinol, Vitamin A & C. We recommend you check your cleansers and moisturisers for these ingredients as they can fade the tattoo prematurely.

BEAUTY TREATMENTS such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL lasers should be completely AVOIDED in the tattoo area.

WORLD WIDE HEALTH REGULATIONS advise to not donate blood for you to 6 months after a treatment (for any tattoo or cosmetic tattoo procedure).

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Feather Touch Brow Enhancement 

This treatment is suited to those with a relatively even natural brow base.

Feather Touch Brow Enhancement
Treatment Price
Microblading/strokes onlyNatural effect with the art of microblading, where strokes are individually applied to mimic real hair - This price includes 2x sessions $ 600.00 Book Online
Strokes and shadingAdd more dimension and depth to your eyebrow by adding a touch of shading or powder effect between strokes for a fuller appearance - this includes 2x sessions $ 650.00 Book Online
Ombre browsathis manual shading method creates a full make up appearance where 2-3 colors are applied in a gradient to reveal a soft start and a strong finish $ 550.00 Book Online
Brow Tattoo Cover up
Treatment Price
Brow Tattoo removalLaser Removal - PER SESSION $ 150.00 Book Online