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Skin Tag Removal

Dermapen Cryo

Small skin appendages, often found around the neck, underarm, breast and thigh areas may be unsightly – but they are also easily and quickly removed.

Dermapen Cryo™ allows practitioners to remove unwanted lesions in as little as a few seconds. Delivering a precise jet of highly compressed liquefied nitrous oxide (N2O), Dermapen Cryo effortlessly removes benign imperfections including warts, skin tags and lentigines. 
The unique high-pressure mechanism (725psi) freezes intercellular fluid to an ultra-cold -89°C (-128°F). The subsequent effect ruptures the cell membrane of treated lesions, allowing for fast and effective removal. Offering two applicator tips with variable flow rates, lesions as small as 0.5mm and as large as 6mm can be eliminated with expert precision. Eyelids, lip contours, the scalp and genital regions may be safely and securely treated. 
The Dermapen Cryo is administered 4mm above the lesion so that healthy surrounding tissue is not affected during treatment. This substantially reduces any risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Unlike liquid nitrogen (which sits at -196°C / -321°F) procedures, there is no direct contact with the lesion and the skin is not broken. This enables true aesthetic removal of unwanted imperfections with minimised risk of follicular or nerve damage. There is no requirement for cotton buds, cones or apertures for administration. 
By comparison to thermolytic, cauterizing or liquid nitrogen procedures, Dermapen Cryo offers the pinnacle of patient comfort and experience. The exclusive delivery mechanism gently anaesthetises the treatment area when activated - there is no need for regional anaesthesia prior to each procedure. The ergonomic pen handpiece weighs just 22gms, and is completely portable with no cords, batteries or adaptors. 
Dermapen Cryo’s unique activation switch promotes pinpoint control and accuracy. As the lever is depressed, a penetration rate of 1mm per 5 seconds can be accomplished. A total treatment depth of up to 5mm can effortlessly be achieved. This promotes procedural flexibility to customise and tailor each treatment session. Contained within the pen-like device is a disposable cartridge bulb. Each bulb offers 2 minutes of gas release enabling the treatment of up to 40 lesions per cartridge. Unlike other technologies, there is no servicing or refilling of canisters required. 
Most lesions are successfully removed in just one session. The unique innovation of Dermapen allows for treatment on a wider variety of Fitzpatrick Skin Types by comparison to other technologies. With lower risks and greater patient comfort, aesthetic removal of lesions has never been so simple and safe.
Dermapen Cryo may seamlessly be incorporated as part of combination therapies with Dermapen procedures. This allows for bespoke treatment of telangiectasiae, rhytids and atrophic scar tissue.

Fast With a rapid penetration rate of 1mm per 5 seconds, lesions are treated quickly and effectively. Procedures can typically be completed in as little as 5-25 seconds.
Effective The high pressure delivery (725psi / 55 bar) of medical grade nitrous oxide delivers an ultra-cold -89°C (-128°F) to remove lesions in just one session.
Accurate N2O is released with pinpoint precision. The activation switch ensures consistent and complete procedural control for every patient, every time.
Safe With no direct lesion contact, non-thermolytic technology and exact temperature, healthy tissue remains unaffected. The risks of hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, nerve and follicular damage are virtually removed. 
Comfortable Most patients feel a mild cooling sensation followed by a slight tingle. No anaesthetic is required. 


Treatment Price
Skin Consult(Allow 30 minutes) $ 15.00 Book Online
Cryo Pen - Wart Removal(Up to 15 minutes) $ 85.00 Book Online
Cryo Pen - Skin Tag Removal(Up to 15 minutes) $ 85.00 Book Online
Cryo Pen - Age Spot Removal(Up to 15 minutes) $ 85.00 Book Online
Cyro Pen - Cherry Angioma Removal(Up to 15 minutes) $ 85.00 Book Online