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August Newsletter

Posted by Website Admin on August 05, 2015

August Newsletter A note from Olivia Hi everyone, Hope you are all keeping warm! Why not indulge yourself in some of my VIP specials! ? With the latest equipment and a cryo jet machine that cools the skin making your treatment...Read More
June Newsletter

Posted by Website Admin on June 26, 2015

Diamond Laser Medispa A note From Olivia Welcome to our first Diamond Laser Medispa Newsletter! We have some amazing treatments to fill you in on. Pigmentation a concern…?  Age spots general skin tone…? Why not book in for a O...Read More
What is LED?

Posted by Website Admin on April 09, 2015

LED is 3 types of LED beams. We adjust these beams for different treatments. Treatments usually 15-20minutes. These 3 types of LED beams provide a gentle, painless and extremely effective experience. Beam 1 (630nm) is for postcare, skin...Read More
The Facts about Laser Hair Removal

Posted by Website Admin on February 10, 2015

Why would you Laser? Laser can bring peace of mind by ending the repetitive nature of hair removal using other methods. Facial Hair. Plucking and sometimes waxing, if not done properly, can cause hair to grow back more strongly...Read More
Top Spray Tanning Tips

Posted by Website Admin on December 17, 2014

Diamond Laser’s top spray tanning tips for best results and best maintenance of your spray tan. To get the best possible results make sure you: Wax or shave at least 8-hours prior to your spray tan Use a gentle exfoliator to exfoliate...Read More