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What is LED?

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LED is 3 types of LED beams. We adjust these beams for different treatments. Treatments usually 15-20minutes. These 3 types of LED beams provide a gentle, painless and extremely effective experience.

Beam 1 (630nm) is for postcare, skin rejuvenation, brightening and pigmentation.
Beam 2 (415nm) is for acne and antimicrobial effect.
Beam 3 (830nm) is for wound healing, skin rejuvenation and blood circulation.

Benefits of LED

  • 100% natural and non invasive.
  • No known side effects.
  • Safe for all ages and daily use.
  • Cost effective (more reasonably priced than existing LED).
  • Irradiation closer to the skin compared to High-power LED (no concern of burning).

This superior treatment is used in

Acne treatment – We use antimicrobial beams as a treatment for various degrees of acne.
Photorejuventaion – We use this for general skin rejuvenation such as skin whitening.
Laser and Scar Regeneration – Pre-Post care of laser, we use this to reduce recovery time and minimises side effects such as PIH and redness.
IPL – Post care of laser, again we use this to reduce recovery time and minimises side effects such as blistering and PIH.
Oedema Care – Diminishes oedema, swelling and fades bruises after surgery and other more invasive treatments.
Stimulating Blood Circulation – After Botox and Filler, we use this to stimulate blood circulation and diminish swelling.
Plastic surgeries – Post care
Burn treatment –  Burn care after IPL or other laser
Skin regeneration – Care after chemical peeling
This LED mask can be used to enhance results before or after main laser treatment as it reduces pain. And ensures ease of difficult treatments.

Posted by Website Admin on April 09, 2015