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What is Hydrodermabrasion?

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Hydrodermabrasion treatments are becoming the most preferred skin rejuvenation treatment in the entire world.

This amazing machine is state-of-the-art technology in skin rejuvenation. It is sure to give you the best skin exfoliation and skin plumping you have ever had and most importantly, it is chemical free. Utilising the healing powers of water and oxygen to achieve a smoother, more hydrated and healthier skin. Diamond Laser Medispa is the FIRST in Waikato to offer this amazing treatment to the public.

It works by using a high pressurised oxygen jet to accelerate sterilised water at a supersonic rate, through a hand held nossle, onto the skin. This creates micro fine water droplets that strike the skin and effortlessly buff away dead skin cells, improving circulation in an instant and creating a level of humidity ideal for toning the skin as well as deeply moisturising the skin. This super saturation of nature’s two fundamental ingredients, water and oxygen, are essential for cell growth and repair, stimulating collagen growth and keeping the skin firm and supple. The amazing thing about hydrodermabrasion is that just after one treatment your skin will look and feel incredibly refined, deeply hydrated, refreshed and smooth. hydrodermabrasion and resurfacing treatments are perfect for improving the appearance of multiple skin conditions such as fine lines, wrinkles, scaring, acne, commedones, congestion, milia, unwanted pigmentation, age spots and puffy eyes. In more serious cases of acne scaring, deeper wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation, a tailored treatment of resurfacing can be created to suit the individual to achieve desired results.

During the course of this treatment, oxygen is infused into the skins surface to recharge and revitalise skin cells thus helping your body to produce new collagen for truly effective skin rejuvenation results. Oxygen is proven to be extremely healing, destroys anaerobic bacteria in the skin, increases micro-circulation promoting induction of healthier skin tissue.

Posted by Website Admin on December 16, 2014