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Laser Hair Removal Guarantee

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Is laser hair removal with a guarantee possible?

Read carefully any claim guaranteeing laser hair removal because the guarantee will almost certainly contain misleading and deceptive language and ultimately you will end up being very disappointed! Here’s an example of misleading and deceptive wording within one of our competitor’s guarantee statements…

“After 12 months of treatment.. we offer a two year guarantee period. If any treatable hair grows back within two years we will continue to treat the area at no extra charge.”
This guarantee is deceptive because after 12 months of treatment it is very unlikely there will be any “treatable” hair left in the area. It is misleading because it implies all hair will be gone from the area being treated but this is NEVER the case. The best any good laser can do is permanently remove a high percentage of “treatable” hair in the area. What’s left is “untreatable” hair, which is the fine, light coloured vellus hair and possibly some stronger terminal hair that can’t be targeted by that particular machine because the hair follicle may be set too deeply in the dermis or may lack sufficient pigmentation for effective treatment.

Further treatment (during the guarantee period) of this “untreatable” hair is highly unlikely to give any further reduction and is very likely to give rise to your disappointment.

At Diamond Laser we have already experienced the problems and disappointments associated with this type of guarantee because we offered a similar option, called our “Blonde Contract”, a few years ago. After giving repeated free treatments to the small percentage of clients who were dissatisfied with their initial 12 months of treatment we found that further treatment did not bring any further benefits to these clients. We stopped offering our “Blonde Contract” and replaced it with this…The Diamond Laser GUARANTEE.

  • TRUTH - Diamond Laser will tell you the truth about what we can and can’t achieve. We will give you all the facts at your free consultation, in writing, together with an honest estimate to the best of our ability of how much reduction we can and can’t expect to give you.
  • QUALITY - Diamond Laser will use the best technology and safest equipment available in the world. Our Diode lasers are true lasers (not IPL, VPL or SPL machines being called “lasers” when they aren’t lasers at all). The diode laser is designed specifically for highly targeted hair removal and is suitable for the widest variety of skin and hair colours possible. The equipment has built in skin temperature monitoring technology and software that measures the result of every pulse providing feedback to the operator and allowing stronger pulses (more effective) with a very low risk of burning. Operating a laser/IPL machine without skin temperature monitoring is like driving a car without a speedometer, sure you can drive OK but it’s harder to avoid speeding tickets (burning) or going too slow (under treating).
  • EXPERIENCE - Diamond Laser technicians are hair removal specialists operated by medically qualified owners with over 8 years of laser/IPL experience and a high degree of professionalism and integrity. The Diamond Laser therapists are all fully trained, certified and competent.
  • REPUTATION - As specialists our business and our brand depends on referrals. There’s a dilemma in our industry – satisfied laser clients do not come back (because their problem has been permanently resolved). Ask around, our reputation is good. We are rated 5 out of 5 and have hundreds of happy customers.

Posted by Website Admin on December 08, 2014