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Botox Treatments

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Botulinum Facial Treatments

Botulinum Toxin A; the more commonly known Botulinum products are Botox® and Dysport – both are registered medicines with New Zealand Ministry of Health and have been used in our clinics for over 16 years. Both are absolutely brilliant, if you have a preference for the American product or the British product please let us know as we can offer either.

They are frequently used for diminishing facial expression lines, such as crow’s-feet and in particular the vertical line between the eyebrows that makes a person look worried. The treatment is best done subtly and our aim is to please rather than over-do, our clients are able to enter the public arena without looking “botoxed”. More recently small amounts (microbotox) are often used for a pan-facial treatment to achieve smoother skin all over. This doesn’t cost the earth but works very well with some stunning results following repeat treatments and is nearly risk free. More men are using this treatment, recovery is quick and the effects are youth enhancing without being noticeable. (Bro-Tox!)

The positive feedback from clients having had this treatment is overwhelming and there has been very good coverage by the glossy magazines. The vertical frown line is caused by the repetitive creasing of the skin when the muscle running along the eyebrow contracts during the facial express of a squint or frown. This wrinkling in the glabellar area is associated with anger, anxiety and sadness, all negative emotions. This is certainly one muscle and emotional expression that anyone can do without. The objective of this treatment is to weaken or relax this tiny muscle and hence reduce the crease making you look serene and relaxed. A tiny injection of the medicine is placed in the belly of the muscle and within the following week and for the next 3-4 months, the ability to crease the skin at the frown line is diminished.

Botox Treatments

“We guarantee our Botulinum products- we use only the freshest product and would offer any client further treatment if they have not achieved the desired result within 2 weeks of their treatment.”

After four or more treatments the length of time between treatments increases as each session appears to be cumulative. It may be that this treatment allows you to lose or unlearn the urge to frown as after several treatments there appears to be some permanent effect. Discomfort from the injections is really neglible and has now been lessened by the use of preserved saline in the administered mixture. The preservation contains Benzyl alcohol which prevents the sting.

This product has been used safely for years in New Zealand, by ophthalmologists for belpharospasm (a nervous eye tick) and by neurology specialists for neck muscle spasms. This new indication use was researched favourably in Canada and the USA and is now being used successfully for cosmetic enhancement worldwide. No allergy test is necessary so treatment can begin immediately. It is so simple. The use of Botulinum Toxin A for successful cosmetic treatmentscontinues to increase; over the past 15 years or more we have given well over 20,000 treatment sessions with Botox or Dysport. The areas treated and uses for Botulinum products continues to expand, our clinicians are now treating the lower face and even using larger doses to thin the jowls to slim down the lower law.
These are unregistered uses of this medicine and need further evaluation but for your interest please read on. The main area treated cosmetically has been the upper third of the face.

Speak to us about your own situation and full explanation of risks need to be understood prior to treatment.

Posted by Website Admin on December 16, 2014