Photo Rejuvenation

IPL to treat skin conditions and achieve face rejuvenation

What is Photo Rejuvenation? It is treatments on the face by using intense light and/or laser to give a great freshening effect on the skin, removing blemishes such as freckles, age spots and red capillary veins.

This device releases a strong light, stimulating the collagen rejuvenating skin. Because of the strength of the intensified light on the cell, it helps improve the circulation attaining to face lifting. As a result, of this treatment the pore contract tightening and lightening the skin. Botox and Fillers available by request.

With our photo rejuvenation treatments you can experience;

  • Reduction of fine broken capillaries, red veins and other minor vascular problems
  • Fading of diffuse redness
  • Improved skin texture and overall complexion
  • Production of Collagen
  • Pigmentation removal

All prices are subject to confirmation at your consultation, and may vary dependent on the size of the area to be treated.




Pigmentation Consultation


Pigmentation Spot Treatment


Pigment Nose


Pigment Cheeks


Red Vein Cheeks


Pigment Full Face & Neck


Pigment Womens Chest


Pigment Fore Arms


Pigment Back of Hands


Pigment Back


ND-YAG Laser Carbon Facial

Revolutionary procedure to improve skin imperfections

The Exclusive Carbon Black Laser Facial Treatment works by coating a medical grade of carbon nano-particles powder on your face, and together with an advanced, carefully modulated laser, it will create a concentrated carbon particle blast on your skin.

“It’s  an amazing Technology that shatters epidermal keratinocytes and dirt”

  • Lightens skin
  • Shrinks pores
  • Relives age/sun spots
  • Restores firmness to the skin
  • Improves overall skin texture

Our most advanced and latest technology will allow the particles to penetrate the pores and shatter epidermal keratinocytes and dirt.

Assisted by the Laser’s heat energy, the carbon powder with its good absorption properties penetrate into the dermis, stimulating the skin cells, repairing and encouraging the growth of collagen and elastic fibres. What is achieved is a complexion relieved of wrinkles, sags, open pores, age and sun spots and a complexion notably more luminous.

You will be invited to our comforting clinic for a patch test and consultation.
Please call: 07 378 4823 to book your consultation.

"Thank you so much Libby you didn't have to go to such extents to help me out but you made my problem your problem! Thank you so much. Would recommend Diamond Laser to anyone."

Shanna Bramley

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