Massage Taupo

Treat yourself to a hot stone massage, couples, body or pregnancy massage at Diamond Laser Medispa.

Whether it’s a hot stone massage, Taupo body massage or beautiful pregnancy massage – we offer the ideal way to relieve the pressures of everyday life, target tension in your shoulders, neck or whole body. Diamond Laser Medispa specialises in therapeutic massage services as well as wonderfully relaxing treatments and facials that nourish your wellbeing. The power of touch is often missing in our busy lives. Body massage restores balance and well-being, releases muscular tension and allows your body to move with greater ease. It counters the effects of stress, anxiety and lack of rest and facilitates the flow of energy. All our Taupo massages include a complimentary back scrub.



Full Body Massage

A massage that works deep into the muscles to release adhesions and tightness while strengthening each muscle back to its original length. It relies on deep breathing and your mind for communication to the muscle cells, which assists in releasing tension and stress.


Hot Stone Massage

Using heated stones, this treatment goes beyond the physical and allows you to enter a deeper sense of relaxation, health and wellbeing. The penetrating heat from the stones relaxes muscles, allowing trigger points to dissolve and fade with minimum effort. Some of the benefits include relief of chronic pain, relaxation and stress reduction, detoxification of the body, and relief of neck and back pain.


Pregnancy Massage

A soothing aromatic massage to relax and nurture the mother to be. This treatment is specifically designed to relieve the common discomforts of pregnancy as well as promoting maternal and fetal well-being.


Back Neck and shoulders

The gentle soothing stimulation of the soft tissue and muscles is a wonderful means of calming nerves and improving overall circulation. Tailored to you and designed to put you into a relaxing alpha state, this is the perfect introduction for people who are new to the massage experience.


Couples Massage

Full body relaxation.