Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal treatments that are safe and effective

Before any laser treatment starts it is important to get yourself booked in for a consultation. During your consultation (and before any laser treatment kicks off) Olivia will run through your medical history to make sure it is 100% safe to complete your laser treatment.

Our point of difference is our Cryo-Jet cooling machine which ensures your treatment is as comfortable as possible. The cool air is directed onto your skin and numbs the area before and after treatment. The cryo-jet delivers cooled air for comfort, it is a natural pain-relief and studies have shown that apprehensive or nervous patients have been comforted by the cryo-chilled air.

Some before pictures will be taken of your tattoo. We will complete a couple of test spots using the laser to make sure you respond well to the treatment. Most people have no medical issues and then go on and book their first laser appointment a week after this.

Prices vary depending on size of tattoo which is determined at time of consultation.




Tattoo Removal Consultation


Small Tattoo Removal


Medium Tattoo Removal


Large Tattoo Removal


Extra Large Tattoo Removal


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